Resolve Unused Fields and Records

  • Resolve Unused Fields and Records

    As you already know, NetSuite is powerful tool to run your business.  One of the strongest features is that it’s easy to customize and every customization survives the twice a year upgrades.


    However, over time, customizations that used to add value can start to weigh your system down and can become complicated. Actively reviewing your account and cleaning up what isn’t needed on a regular basis can significantly reduce problems. For example, how many saved searches are active or dormant


    Our Recommendation:  Resolve Unused Fields and Records


    These fields and records complicate interfaces and future projects while slowing down your specific NetSuite instance. Be sure to document what you are using for each process.  FLODocs can search for fields that are no longer in use and identify the dependencies that may need to be cleaned up. It can also provide tools to backup data when you delete unused objects.


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