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Intelligent & Hands-On

Business Fitness is an advocate for growing and sophisticated organizations using NetSuite.

We are a team of people who have fun crushing mediocrity. We loathe words like “average” and “so-so” because at the heart of every client conversation, team meeting or project is our commitment to put you first. We put your needs before ours and your processes before the software solution.

While our background is from highly-respected large consulting firms, we are not beholden to a big consulting firm mindset. Rather, you, our client, is our focus. We work quickly to understand your culture, business practices and objectives to meet and exceed expectations.

As an example, Business Fitness was retained by a high-growth consulting firm who needed a detailed and flexible time and expense management system when the initial solution that no longer met their needs. After working to understand their requirements, Business Fitness integrated a SuiteCloud application. The result is a more usable system that worked natively on IOS and Android, delighting the end-users (simple and quick to use), and reducing processing time and costs. Through the client-first approach, Business Fitness continues to be a trusted partner for this firm which has grown to over 850 full-time employees in six years.

"If your start-up venture is planning on high-growth, look to Business Fitness as your trusted advisor for cloud-based financial systems." 

Mark Bakken
Managing Partner, HealthX Ventures

What's mediocre in your ERP, time tracking, or expense management system? Let us help you crush mediocrity.

Let’s do it together.

  • Real-time Consulting

    Contact Business Fitness for real-time answers to complex, cloud-ERP questions and receive smart, intelligent answers.

  • Global Experience

    Business Fitness's expertise is applied to firms around the world.

  • Time Tracking and Document Workflow

    Business Fitness are experts at implementing advanced Time Tracking and Document Workflow tools for cloud-based ERP systems.

We have great experience in...

Here are some of many areas we are excellent in and in which we have many experience.

  • 95%
    Workflow documentation
  • 100%
    Time Tracking Automation
  • 75%
    Application Development
  • 85%
    On-site Consulting
  • 65%
    Integrated ERP eCommerce
  • 90%
    Training & education